Reproflex Scandinavia is today one of Scandinavia’s most environmentally friendly suppliers to the graphics industry and since 2018 we have reduced our emissions by almost 50% using a new solvent as well as internal and external filters throughout our production.

Reproflex Scandinavia is the only supplier in Scandinavia with two XPS/Crystal system and have supplied this since 2020.
The Esko Crystal system is the only system that has received the Green Circle Certification, this means that normal light tubes has been exchanged with LED units for better and more enviroment friendly production. The XPS Crystal screening also gives the best print quality with less ink usage – typical 4-7% saving.

To meet our customers environmetal requirements, we commit to taking measures.

Among other things, we have obliged us to comply with the following

  • To review our production on an ongoing basis, to ensure the most environmentally friendly production.
  • To conduct an ongoing review of internal processes by independent consultants.
  • Maintain a constant focus on optimal and environmentally friendly production, where we i.a. measures
    on chemical consumption.
  • Adapt and control our production, for i.a. to ensure optimal use and disposal of waste.
  • An ongoing check of our suppliers and their environmental efforts and optimization.

When you buy services and products from Reproflex Scandinavia, you are thus contributing to a continued sustainable and environmentally friendly production.