Kodak NX

Kodak Flexcel NX is our premium product and we produce in height from 0.76 to 1.7 mm. Kodak uses flat top structure and advanced DigiCap technology to give high contrast and densities besides sharp edge negative/positive texts. We can use SoftTone+ screening to create smooth highlight in vignettes, graduations to 0 and to add more contrast to the print.
Kodak Flexcel NX digital Flexographic system is used and the plates are exposed on a TIL media which is laminated to the plate. The equipment has a high output, which is needed to produce large amount of plates in a short time. We have produced Kodak Flexcel NX plates since 2008, so we have a lot of knowledge in this area.

By using Flexcel NX plates, you achieve:

  • Flat top Dot Structure with advanced Digicap
  • SoftTone+ Screening for soft fadeout
  • UltraWhite for high opacity in white ink
  • High contrast and smooth ink laydown
  • A premium product for flexible packaging and label printing

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