Reproflex Scandinavia A/S has produced Kodak Flexcel NX plates since 2008 – and Schur Flexibles Scandiflex joined us from the beginning of this journey.

Torbjörn Garthammar from Schur Flexibles Scandiflex says:

“We thought the NX project was exiting and promising. The result met all expectations.
By using the NX plates we get a higher density and are able to print in a higher resolution.
The conversion from Pantone to CMYK is better than on the lams layer plates which gives us the opportunity to save colors.
With more jobs in just CMYK + White we save setup time on the print machine – off course, we still need Pantones on some jobs (not all designs are suitable for just CMYK).
The NX plate is a stable printing plate and we have a more smooth production with low setting time.
We are very satisfied with the NX plates and have no regrets joining this journey with Reproflex Scandinavia.”